The 3rd webinar: Mental energy

We will talk about such topics as:

  • What is mental energy?
  • How do you know that you’re lacking in this energy?
  • What is the difference between imagination and creativity?
  • What helps you to recover this energy?

The speakers

Kasia Piecuch

Kasia Piecuch


What I do: I develop and manage projects to help people to move forward and achieve life balance. I am also a Design Thinking Moderator who enables others to develop solutions to problems by implementing the human perspective at all steps of the problem-solving process. I enjoy rock climbing and mindfulness, both of which help me to keep balance in my life.

Why I love it: What I do is very much in line with my core values. It gives me freedom, joy, and a strong connection with people. I have the opportunity to choose projects I am passionate about, fundraise for actions I believe in, and train those who are open to changes and challenges.

How I got here: It was always my chief ambition to translate innovative ideas into real actions. I am passionate about change and new experiences. This internal drive has allowed me to accumulate valuable knowledge and skills through my work in the business, public, and NGO sector in Poland and abroad.

Marzena Wieczorek

Marzena Wieczorek

Trainer & Director, PMP®

What I do:  I am a project management trainer and a Design Thinking Moderator. I also develop tools, games, and interactive materials to share my knowledge with people who want to gain more satisfaction and results from their project management work. I believe that physical activities stimulate our minds so, during my courses, I organise outdoor challenges, such as climbing or hill walking.

Why I love it: I love helping people to solve problems in creative ways. I love to make a difference in my work and see my clients grow both professionally and personally.

How I got here: I noticed 10 years ago, when I was a novice project manager, that there was always something wrong in the projects in which I participated. It took me years to learn from my own and my colleagues’ successes and failures. I adapted and tested many well-known project management approaches and eventually started to develop my own tools and – Eureka! They’ve proved to be very effective, and so I started sharing them with other project managers throughout Europe.

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