At M-Powered Projects, we believe that education is fundamental to empowering the current and future population of the European Union and to promoting growth, employability, social equality and inclusion.

As such, we offer those working or interested in lifelong learning, continuous professional development and education a programme of courses.

Our programme is focused on professional and personal development. We offer different
5-day long courses aimed at educators, trainers, and individuals looking to improve their existing skillsets. We focus on designing solutions to the current challenges emerging in the world of work and education.

Our courses cover work-life balance, creativity and project management. They are run in scenic and inspiring locations across two countries: Ireland and Poland.

Along with excellent educational programme and state-of-the-art teaching methodologies, each course includes outdoor activities, allowing our participants to experience the local culture and nature.

We encourage you to explore the power of education and personal development, to share good practices among your colleagues and co-workers, and bring back knowledge to your communities, organisations and professional ecosystems.

We challenge you to inspire and get inspired, to change lives and open minds!

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