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This course is designed for professionals working in educational organisations: teachers, trainers, coaches, but also administrators and managers. Participants will discover what drives and motivates them and how they will be able to use this knowledge in their professional and personal life. Moreover, they will learn basics of Chi Gung (a holistic system of coordinated body posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used for health, spirituality, and martial arts training) and empowerment tools, which they will be able to use in their work, with colleagues and learners.

For whom?

This course is for teachers, trainers, coaches, but also administrators and managers.


  • Greater understanding of motivational and empowerment techniques which can be implemented in working and professional life
  • Development of communication and questioning skills
  • Knowledge of energy training techniques
  • Increased opportunities for professional and career development
  • Improved foreign language competences
  • Increased motivation and satisfaction in daily work
  • Wider European network


Day 1: Discovering Drive and Motivation I

  • A technique to contact the unconscious mind of the self and others
  • The questions to ask and the process of asking questions to uncover what a student/trainee/trainer truly wants to do, say or be
  • Skills developed: Communication, understanding unconscious drives, questioning skills

Day 2: Core Integration

  • This advanced technique allows the practitioner to resolve deep issues powerful enough to shift core values
  • Skills developed: Values hierarchy, therapeutic change, resolving stuck states, emotional state control

Day 3: Discovering our Drive and Motivation II

  • Advanced techniques used to find out information hidden from consciousness
  • Skills developed: Communication, relaxation techniques, behaviour change

Day 4: Chi Gung and Refreshing Sea Swim

  • A test of strength, endurance, and will
  • Skills developed: Group bonding through activity, energy training, motivational techniques

Day 5: Recap of Week


After returning home, participants will be mentored by an M-Powered trainer to disperse their knowledge within their organisations. There are two mentoring sessions via Skype planned.


  • Certificate of Completion
  • Certificate of Obtained Competences
  • Europass Mobility Certificate

Course details

8 – 12/03/2021 Derrynacleigh, Leenane, Ireland

10 – 14/05/2021 Derrynacleigh, Leenane, Ireland

Course fee: €490

Erasmsus+ programme can cover all of the associated costs (travel, course fees) allowing your organisation to participate in this course!

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