Just last week, we delivered one of our flagship courses, Stakeholders, Risk and Change in Projects, for a fabulous group of school directors and head teachers from the Ministère de l’Éducation Nationale in France.

It reminded me of how important it is for us as project managers to closely monitor our projects as they unfold and avoid becoming complacent. So, today I would like to share with you one of M-Powered checklists, which I personally love to use in the projects I manage.

This checklist is a monitoring tool that you can use periodically, e.g. monthly, quarterly. The frequency depends on your project schedule.

The implementation checklist includes important topics, which we have been demystifying through our training for the last three years. You can read about them in our articles:

Below is a project implementation checklist. Let me know what you think! Join us on Instagram or Facebook to leave your comments!

Project Implementation Checklist



Kick-off meeting conducted.*

*Here are a couple of useful tips how to organise an interesting project meeting and empower your team!


Project management handbook was accepted by each partner.*

*It is important that you, as a project manager, adapt the project application into a more friendly, accessible and practical document, which we at M-Powered call
a project management handbook. This handbook should describe project objectives, duration, resources, partner organisations, timeline, and activities, as well as plans for human resources, communications, stakeholders, quality, risk, and change management.


I created a project glossary together with the team.*

*You can read more about project glossary in one of my previous articles.


Other project meetings are organised according to the project plan.


I execute work according to the project plan.


I monitor activities, tasks and work-packages/intellectual outputs regularly and according to the project plan.


Project deliverables are approved by a steering committee.


Sponsor (EU agency) receives regular reports (as planned in the project proposal).


I regularly manage stakeholders’ engagement and expectations.*

*You can find out more about stakeholder management here.


I regularly monitor project team engagement.


I created and implemented a communication plan.


I conducted risk management* workshops with relevant stakeholders and created a risk response strategy.

*Here you can find out more about risk management in projects.


I monitor risks regularly.


I monitor the budget regularly.


I monitor the process of delivering the expected results and outcomes.


I perform quality control.


I monitor work-life balance in both myself and my team.

*We have many articles about the necessity of work-life balance. Check them out!


I requested changes if applicable and implement only approved changes.

This checklist is part of the Project Management Workbook I wrote and use at the Successful Team = Successful Project course that we are running this year in the Killary Adventure Lodge in Ireland and in Krakow, Poland. You can find out more about this course on our website. There are only a few remaining places so book yours now if you’re interested!

You can read more about project planning in my previous blog post.

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