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Teachers are experiencing a lot of stress. In Ireland, the UK and USA, 40% of teachers are on medication for anxiety.  

Good teachers are natural performers. They illicit curiosity, fascination and wonder with voice tone, body language and attitude. Pattern interrupts for negative state change and focusing techniques are essential for good teaching. These processes help the kids to learn but also connect the teachers with the value and purpose of their career, making it more enjoyable and rewarding.  

It can be so easy to get bogged down in the requirements or the education system, meeting targets, and enforcing discipline and behavioural standards that teachers can lose sight of why they became educators in the first place.

This course will reconnect them with the sense of purpose where they feel valued and can reflect that value back to their classroom.

This course will also cover the topic of trauma awareness. Over 10% of kids have experience trauma. These are the kids who will be disruptive for seemingly no reason and is often attributed to simply bad behaviour. By increasing trauma awareness in teachers, we can better support these students and manage related behaviours more effectively.

We want to help our teachers create a classroom environment where children feel inspired, understood and safe and that they look forward to every day.

For whom?

This course is for teachers, trainers, coaches, and educators but also administrators and managers.

Course details

1 – 5/03/2021 Derrynacleigh, Leenane, Ireland

Course fee: €490

Erasmsus+ programme can cover all of the associated costs (travel, course fees) allowing your organisation to participate in this course!


  • More satisfaction in the classroom.
  • Happier teacher and happier students.
  • Better connection and personal satisfaction.
  • Better learning and motivation.
  • Increased opportunities for professional and career development.
  • Improved foreign language competences.
  • Increased motivation and satisfaction in daily work.
  • Wider European network.

Course features

  • Our sessions are fun, interactive and include guaranteed effective methods and tools.
  • Outdoor activities (such as hiking, cycling, and climbing) in the morning and project management workshops in the afternoon. We believe that physical activity opens the mind to learning and creativity!
  • Hands-on experience with practical tools at our workshops that can then be brought home to share with colleagues.
  • Networking with people from all over Europe who work on similar projects.
  • Relaxation and reflection in some of the most beautiful places in Ireland and Poland.



Day 1: Optimum states and how to develop them in the classroom.

  • State management in the classroom.

Day 2: Communication and motivation

  • Connection and communication.
  • Developing optimum learning states.
  • Instilling motivation.
  • Keeping learning states open.

Day 3: Breathing, posture and atmosphere.

  • Breathing training for teachers and classroom
  • Establishing a healthy atmosphere

Day 4: Trauma awareness

  • The nervous system
  • Recognising trauma
  • Managing learning difficulties

Day 5: Review

  • Putting it all together
  • How little changes create big ones

Every morning, we organise outdoor challenges to stimulate participants’ creativity.


After returning home, participants will be supported by an M-Powered trainer to disseminate their new knowledge within their organisations via two Skype mentoring sessions.


  • Certificate of Completion
  • Certificate of Obtained Competences
  • Europass Mobility Certificate

Course locations

Derrynacleig, Leenane, Ireland

We run many of our courses in this amazing location on the west coast of Ireland. It’s called Killary Lodge. It is a brand-new villa, just 250m from the waters of Killary Fjord, in the heart of Ireland’s stunning Wild Atlantic Way.

Killary Lodge is situated in a nature lover’s paradise. There are numerous walks and hikes nearby, in the mountains, through forests, trails and beaches, as well as endless cycling routes and lots of swimming options, both in the fjord and at nearby beaches. Connemara National Park is just 15km away.

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