The 2nd webinar: Physical energy

In our second webinar, we will cover:

  • The definition of physical energy and what do we mean by it?
  • What creates it?
  • What effects it?
  • Interconnectivity
  • Moving from unconscious to conscious body care
  • Daily negative impacts on the body
  • And as a bonus, you’ll have the chance to practice a helpful breathing technique.

The speakers

Sabina Bronicka-Stuart

Sabina Bronicka-Stuart

Yoga Teacher

What I do: I teach alignment-oriented Vinyasa yoga to people with a wide range of physical abilities and fitness levels, with an emphasis on helping them to find more ease and vitality within their bodies as well as developing tools to deal with stress and anxiety.

Why I love it: Having struggled with confidence before and having experienced depression, anxiety and caring for a close family member during their cancer treatment has been a challenge which I have been able to face through yoga practice. Ultimately, I love it when people discover things about themselves they didn’t know, the inner power that is available to all of us, how they can move their bodies with more freedom than they thought they had (and I’m not talking about a leg behind your head move!) and simply feel better.

How I got here: Dance has been my first and most important passion in life but at some point, despite years of experience and extensive education, I took a “detour” and spent over 10 years working in a corporate sector. In the meantime, I discovered yoga and eventually reached the understanding of its true benefits and a maturity which I needed to become the guide for others willing to try it. 

Essence of YogaSaba

Gently exploring the edges of your comfort zone without being pressured

Setting your own challenges that suit your body and mind

Moving without fear or judgement and being allowed to simply be yourself

Kasia Piecuch

Kasia Piecuch


What I do: I develop and manage projects to help people to move forward and achieve life balance. I am also a Design Thinking Moderator who enables others to develop solutions to problems by implementing the human perspective at all steps of the problem-solving process. I enjoy rock climbing and mindfulness, both of which help me to keep balance in my life.

Why I love it: What I do is very much in line with my core values. It gives me freedom, joy, and a strong connection with people. I have the opportunity to choose projects I am passionate about, fundraise for actions I believe in, and train those who are open to changes and challenges.

How I got here: It was always my chief ambition to translate innovative ideas into real actions. I am passionate about change and new experiences. This internal drive has allowed me to accumulate valuable knowledge and skills through my work in the business, public, and NGO sector in Poland and abroad.

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