M-Powered Projects

We are a team of professionals who help organisations to design and manage innovative projects, products, and services. We’re experts
in empowerment and in project management, project writing, and product development using the Design Thinking Method.

Have you participated in a project that was going nowhere? Projects in which the results were poor and team cooperation was frustrating? We bet you have. We see many more bad examples of project management than good in all types of organisation.

At M-Powered Projects, we have developed easy-to-implement methods and tools that will help you to improve your project work
and create innovation, whether in a social, education or business environment.

Let us M-Power you!

Our team

Marzena Wieczorek

Marzena Wieczorek

Trainer & Director, PMP®

What I do:  I am a project management trainer and a Design Thinking Moderator. I also develop tools, games, and interactive materials to share my knowledge with people who want to gain more satisfaction and results from their project management work. I believe that physical activities stimulate our minds so, during my courses, I organise outdoor challenges, such as climbing or hill walking.

Why I love it: I love helping people to solve problems in creative ways. I love to make a difference in my work and see my clients grow both professionally and personally.

How I got here: I noticed 10 years ago, when I was a novice project manager, that there was always something wrong in the projects in which I participated. It took me years to learn from my own and my colleagues’ successes and failures. I adapted and tested many well-known project management approaches and eventually started to develop my own tools and – Eureka! They’ve proved to be very effective, and so I started sharing them with other project managers throughout Europe.

Emma Murtagh

Emma Murtagh

Trainer & Project Consultant

What I do: I am an experienced EU project manager, currently working as a European Programmes Officer at an Irish charity called The Wheel. My work involves both managing our own European projects and supporting other organisations to access and manage EU funding. I also work in a freelance capacity as an editor and proofreader and am a qualified English language teacher. At M-Powered, I am a project consultant and trainer.

Why I love it: I’ve experienced first hand the value of European cooperation and love to share that with others. I also have a passion for language and learning. I love that my job allows me to work closely with people and help them to achieve their goals.

How I got here: I knew early on that I was much more motivated by social change and people than by profit so I pursued work in the community and voluntary sector. From there, I stumbled into European project work and, several international projects later, I’ve never looked back.

Diarmuid Lavelle

Diarmuid Lavelle

Trainer & Therapist

What I do:  I am a solution-oriented brief therapist, collaborating with clients to get what they want.
I am a trainer with an emphasis on experiential learning and developing usable skills.

Why I love it: I love my work because it emphasises the plasticity of human potential and ability. There is always a solution to every problem. People are far more effective than they believe they are and
I enjoy showing them their power.

How I got here: I am interested in the human condition and am always learning and testing processes on myself and then others, in an effort to find the most effective methods of positive change. Through
a series of fortunate events, I ended up exactly where I want to be.