The 3rd webinar: Emotional energy

In this webinar about emotional energy, we cover:

  • How to recognize a deficit in emotional energy. What are the obvious and more subtle symptoms?
  • How low emotional energy impacts us.
  • What can we do to recover this energy? And how to build long-term emotional strength.

The speakers

Luiza Szafrańska

Luiza Szafrańska


I have a strong background in business English language workshops and soft skills training. I have graduated from a coaching course and a course for trainers (that’s where I met Kasia Piecuch).

As a Vendor Manager at a large localization company I have delivered several presentations to audiences at large scale European conferences in the localization sector. Over time, as an internal trainer at the same localization company I conducted my own workshops for employees on presentation skills where stress management skills and techniques were one of main areas. I have also experienced long term therapy process which raised my self-awareness and helps me on a daily basis to live better and to draw from this experience to help others.

Marzena Wieczorek

Marzena Wieczorek

Trainer & Director, PMP®

What I do:  I am a project management trainer and a Design Thinking Moderator. I also develop tools, games, and interactive materials to share my knowledge with people who want to gain more satisfaction and results from their project management work. I believe that physical activities stimulate our minds so, during my courses, I organise outdoor challenges, such as climbing or hill walking.

Why I love it: I love helping people to solve problems in creative ways. I love to make a difference in my work and see my clients grow both professionally and personally.

How I got here: I noticed 10 years ago, when I was a novice project manager, that there was always something wrong in the projects in which I participated. It took me years to learn from my own and my colleagues’ successes and failures. I adapted and tested many well-known project management approaches and eventually started to develop my own tools and – Eureka! They’ve proved to be very effective, and so I started sharing them with other project managers throughout Europe.

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