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During this 5 –day course, you will learn how to identify and respond to changes and risks in projects and how to build relationships with stakeholders to maximise the effect of your dissemination and exploitation strategies. After the course, you will be more empowered to take on the challenges associated with transnational cooperation.

This course is complementary to another M-Powered course, Successful team = Successful project, which we recommend you to take first. However, completion of Successful team = Successful project is not mandatory to participate in this course, and you can take each on a standalone basis if your interests are in one specific area of project management, e.g. human resources or risk management.

This course features:

  • Outdoor activities (such as hiking, cycling, and climbing) in the morning and project management workshops in the afternoon. We believe that physical activity opens up the mind and creativity!
  • Practical project management tools presented in the M-Powered box, which you will test through our workshops and bring home to share with your colleagues.
  • Networking with people from all over Europe who work on similar projects.
  • Relaxation and reflection in one of the most beautiful places in Ireland and Poland.

For whom?

This course is for anyone who is engaged in projects, whether you work in the social, education, or non-profit sector.

What is waiting for you

Interactive workshops

Marzena Wieczorek, experienced trainer and project management professional, will run the project management workshops. We offer 0% boring PowerPoint presentations and 100% fun, interaction, and guaranteed effective tools.

PM handbook

You will develop your own project management handbook. It will help you to implement the knowledge you gain to establish a practical management system and a set of robust processes in your organisation for ensuring project success

Project management workbook & box

Our custom-designed M-Powered project management workbook and activity box will provide you with a practical knowledge, exercises, and fun!


You will learn how to:

  • Identify and respond to risks in an international project environment
  • Ensure high quality of project processes and results
  • Respond to changes in your projects
  • Identify and manage stakeholders

Other benefits include, more confidence, enjoyment and satisfaction from your work and improved English language competences.


Day 1:

  • Change management in projects
  • Preventive and corrective actions

Day 2:

  • Identifying risks
  • Risk respond strategies
  • Case studies

Day 3:

  • Identifying the stakeholders and building relationships with them 

Day 4:

  • Dissemination and exploitation strategies with engaged stakeholders
  • Case studies

Day 5:

  • Development of a tailor-made Project Management Handbook

Every day, there will be an outdoor challenges organised to stimulate participants’ creativity.


After returning home, participants will prepare the Project Management Handbook with the support of M-Powered trainers via two Skype mentoring sessions.

What others say

During the project management workshop, you get tools and tips that you can implement immediately in your work. The combination of project management workshops and outdoor activities is a great idea, and an additional advantage is a well-chosen place – Killary Adventure in Connemara! The trainer has super energy and is extremely open and committed.

Joanna Gulczynska

Lesson Plan Director, Children’s University


  • Certificate of Completion
  • Certificate of Obtained Competences
  • Europass Mobility Certificate

Course details

22 – 26/02/2021 Derrynacleigh, Leenane, Ireland

Course fee: €490

Erasmsus+ programme can cover all of the associated costs (travel, course fees) allowing your organisation to participate in this course!

Erasmus+ client support

Writing a successful project application is not easy. Our team of experienced project writers would like to support you. Completing the application process with our assistance is much easier than doing it on your own, guaranteeing you a higher success rate of being approved for funding.

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