What can help you to prepare a meaningful project?

At M-Powered, we love to use checklists to help us to write and manage projects. We believe that they also increase wellbeing as it means we don’t worry as much about forgetting tasks.

This week we would like to share with you our Project Preparation Checklist. You can download it in excel and pdf form below.

This Project Preparation Checklist allows you to:

  • Use it again and again for different projects,
  • Adapt it any way you want (add or delete tasks according to project needs),
  • Share it with your team.


We have provided checklists in our blogs too! Our Project Implementation Checklist includes important topics that we have been long been demystifying through our training, such as Project meetings, Project glossary, Stakeholder management, Risk management, and Work-life balance in a project teams.


You can learn more about project management from our M-Powered workbooks:

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Project Preparation Checklist


The project idea is aligned with my organisation’s strategic goals.

To verify this, check that the idea fits into your organisation’s Project-Program-Portfolio structure. You should be able to explain why this project is necessary and how it complements and supports your existing work.


The project proposal meets the priorities and objectives of the grant programme, e.g. European programme (if applicable) or funder priorities.


The project proposal corresponds with all formal criteria specified by the funder.


I researched the target group. I know who they are and what their needs are.

The project goal is to answer those identified needs.


I have built a strong partnership with other organisations (if applicable).


I organised a (virtual) meeting with them to explain the project idea.


Partners contributed to the project application.


Partners accepted the project application and the budget before submission.


I made a project timeline.


I have put structure to the project by breaking it down into tasks, activities, or work packages. 


The budget is reasonable and correlates to the project structure created.


The main project components (goals, budget, partner roles) were approved by the management of my organisation. 


The project application was checked by an additional person before submission.

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