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Work Life Balance (WLB) is an idea that we mainly hear about in relation to the business sector, where it has become a priority in recent years due to the positive impact it has on productivity and, therefore, profit. However, in non-commercial sectors, including education and development, the importance of balancing work and personal life continues to be overlooked. As a result, lack of WLB is one of the leading causes of professional burnout among educators.

In response to this, we have developed a course that will, on the one hand, help participants to find their own individual balance in their professional and personal lives and, on the other hand, present a replicable model for establishing a WLB programme in schools and education centres. Our approach is hands on and is designed to stimulate imagination and creativity, while also providing practical tools for you to use in your WLB implementation plan. The course includes energising activities and outdoor challenges which puts into practice some of the WLB principles we will learn about.

By participating in the course, you will also have the opportunity to meet with other people working in similar fields throughout Europe, expand your professional network, and build opportunities for potential partnerships.

For whom?

This course is for European managers, coordinators and administrators, trainers, teachers and educators.


  • Competences to plan and implement individual WLB
  • Specific time management tools supporting WLB
  • Competences to develop WLB strategy for education organisations
  • The opportunity to practice the Design Thinking methodology
  • Increased opportunities for professional and career development
  • Improved foreign language competences
  • Increased motivation and satisfaction in daily work
  • Wider European network
  • Personal development


Day 1: 

  • Who are we and why are we here? Introduction and initiation
  • How would we like to work? Group contract development
  • Work Life Balance: What does it mean? Is it real? Good practices of WLB strategies

Day 2:

  • Work Life Balance from an individual perspective
  • Values Map – how values determine our choices
  • What WLB means to me. How can I plan it and effectively adjust over time?

Day 3:

  • Time management tools supporting WLB
  • Tool box

Day 4:

  • Work Life Balance – discovering solutions for educational organisations
  • Design Thinking jam to generate ideas for innovative WLB solutions for education organisations

Day 5:

  • Planning Work Life Balance strategies
  • From divergence to convergence – how to implement the ideas we came up with the day before

Every day, there will be an outdoor challenges organised to stimulate participants’ creativity.



  • Certificate of Completion
  • Certificate of Obtained Competences
  • Europass Mobility Certificate

Course details

19 – 23/04/2021 Playa Paraiso, Adeje, Tenerife, Spain FULLY BOOKED

26 – 30/04/2021 Playa Paraiso, Adeje, Tenerife, Spain

Course fee: €490

Erasmsus+ programme can cover all of the associated costs (travel, course fees) allowing your organisation to participate in this course!

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