At M-Powered, we believe in the power of rest. When we do business, we take a relaxed approach and give ourselves time to recharge often. And when we are on holidays, we sign out of work emails and messages and fully relish the experience. This year, we all enjoyed our holidays in various parts of Europe. Marzena visited the nostalgic and beautiful Polish Beskid region, Emma went to the West of Ireland and enjoyed some beautiful cliffs and castles, and I decided to explore the wild mountains of Crete.

For me, it was a time full of joy, family togetherness, reflecting on 2020 so far, and learning about meditation. I feel thoroughly rested and excited for a new beginning! And I know my M-Powered colleagues feel the same. We all came back with a profound motivation to join our strengths, ideas, and insights and work together on meaningful M-Powered projects.

September is a month of actively moving forward. I am inviting you to have a look at some of our main projects. Feel free to peruse it like Netflix and find something that interests you!

1. Online shop

We are delighted to announce a brand new project that we have been preparing behind the scenes over the last few months: our online M-Powered shop! We are so excited to share this with all of you and are eager to make shopping with us soon a smooth and pleasant experience. Stay tuned for more updates!

2. Online courses

We are preparing for you something special. This is a result of our business planning based on the design thinking method. Whenever there is such an opportunity we try to get better understanding of  our clients’ needs. We do this by empathy conversation, by meeting with other person. This meeting is a cultivation of non-judgmental, trustful and open approach which let us improve our offer but also find new goals corresponding with people true needs. Through such process you inspired us to develop our fist project management online course, which soon you will be able to add to your basket in our shop. This product will support project managers while using online, free tools in their work. Details to be announced soon 😉.

3. Online project management workbooks

In the last 3 years, we have developed and tested hundreds of project management techniques and exercises. We have designed project management boxes, timelines, project maps, and many more tools to help our clients. Some of you who have attended our courses will have first-hand knowledge of what we are talking about! Our next step is using these techniques to develop our first project management workbooks, which will also be available in our online shop soon! The first three workbooks will be:

  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Empowered Team Management
  • Work-life Balance for – The key to empowering your team and projects

Coming soon…

4. Courses in Ireland

While we are growing our online offerings, we haven’t completely abandoned our roots in face-to-face courses! While we are very appreciative of how online tools have allowed us to continue working in these challenging times, we still very much believe in the unique atmosphere of the physical learning environment and in human connection. It is central to our company culture. We also love to be close to nature and to escape the everyday grind in beautiful and remote locations. It is a special experience and is a big part of what makes our course participants so open to learning. If you are also a believer in this philosophy, why not join us in an old-fashioned face-to-face course in Killary on 15 – 20 November this year? We still have a few places available. The course in question is about “Empowerment and Motivation in Education”, you can find out more about it on our website.

A highlight of this course is a hike along Killary Harbour! Don’t miss it 😀

5. Erasmus+ support

Our favourite EU programme is coming back! It brings new opportunities for our wonderful clients, including strategic partnership and accreditation. It’s a great opportunity for the education sector to develop in accordance with their own individual needs. And we are here to help you! We provide assistance in the process of applying for and managing Erasmus+ funding. If you want to know more please read Marzena’s article where she explains the accreditation process. I also encourage you to download our free Change Management Guide by Emma. This is a great resource and can help you manage your projects, as well as the changes we are all facing in the current pandemic.

Thank you for your support for M-Powered and stay tuned for more updates!

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